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Guild Updates

Raid Schedule

Kaywhy CR posted Jul 21, 15

Raid Schedule for the future, effective July 28th after raid reset

  • Tuesday:  7-11 PST   Mythic
  • Thursday: 7-11 PST   Mythic
  • Sunday (Off-night): 7-11 PST  Heroic
  • Monday: 7-11 PST  Mythic

At 9:00PM there will be a 15minute break and raid will resume at 9:15PM 

With a lot of the rings finishing up this Tuesday / Wednesday we should put our focus onto Mythic for our offical days, Normal will have to be pugged but there's always a lot of people around on off-nights so if you wanna organize something with the guildies then feel free to post it on MOTD so people that still want normal can show up.

13/13 Heroic HFC Cleared

Kaywhy CR posted Jul 17, 15

Heroic Cleared!

  • Hellfire Assault - 470 US
  • Iron Reaver - 373 US
  • Kormrok - 278 US
  • Hellfire High Council - 323 US
  • Kilrogg Deadeye - 229 US
  • Gorefiend - 131 US
  • Shadow-Lord Iskar - 156 US
  • Socrethar the Eternal - 206 US
  • Fel Lord Zakuun - 209 US
  • Xhul'horac - 207 US
  • Tyrant Velhari - 102 US
  • Mannoroth - 115 US
  • Archimonde - 181 US

With the solid commiment of our raiders we had a strong showing on the release of the new content, under a still developing guild to the scene, we have a lot of promise in the Mythic scene this time around and will continue our push into Mythic HFC, I thank everyone that contributed to the raids the past 3 weeks, with extra hours, gold, flasks, runes ect.

Raid schedules will be updated here on site weekly - as well as on guild MOTD so be sure to check out the schedules weekly. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 - We will be skipping and heading straight to upper HFC in heroic, the first 5 will be held on an off-night day, this will be the 2nd last time Heroic will be scheduled during offical raid days, the last Heroic Offical Raid is scheduled for July 28, 2015 - After that Mythic will be put on all 3 Offical days, and Heroic will continue on off-nights for Alts and missing pieces people may still need to pick up.

Quick plug for our two DK streamers & our BrM, show you're support and add to the viewer count during raid

http://www.twitch.tv/lyrienthal  -  Vynloryn 

http://www.twitch.tv/steaklol - Balldozer

http://www.twitch.tv/blocksallday - Blocks

Again great job to everyone that contributed to the Heroic Push - lets keep the stride and continue into Mythic. Look forward to raiding with all of you.

What started out as a botched attempt at Gold CMs eventually ended up as our guild's first Heroic Blackhand kill (in just 14 pulls!) this past Saturday. It was a perfectly timed progression kill right before our guild's transfer to Kil'jaeden, which hopefully forebodes a golden age of raiding for our core.

Lone selfie with Blackhand, since everyone else was too excited (exhausted) to gather for a pic.

Our transfer to Kil'jaeden was mostly to resolve our severe roster issues, due to a poor raiding population on our server cluster. Thanks to KY's hard work, we have a lot of new recruits lined up on Kil'jaeden, and we look forward to delving into Mythic BRF this coming week.

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