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Convergence Getting Spicy

tiyan Officer posted Apr 11, 16

Thanks Vek for a spicy new look into our weekly routine.

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Upcoming Plans / Events

Kaywhy Officer posted Dec 9, 15

With the progression done, it's time to sit back and relax.

Next week we will be following raid schedule as normal I doubt will need everyday to complete it but just in-case i'll make sure there is a schedule up on GMOTD - But in the near future we will be dropping a raid day will be going with a 2 raid day schedule Tuesday / Thursday. Once that gets more refined we will be moving our raid days to once a week, that should keep us from burning out and a lot of us from requiring a break before the next content. If anyone is wondering or concerned once Legion release date is announced there will be a full month break before the release.

There will be updates happening in the forums of all the plans / sell runs / alt carries so make sure you check the forums weekly. Also the mount list will be on the forums as well.

Schedule List:

  • Dec 15 - Tuesday: 7-11 PST
  • Dec 17 - Thursday: 7-11 PST
  • Dec 21 - Monday: 7 - (Short Raid Night If Required)
  • Dec 22 - Tuesday: 7-11 PST 
  • Dec 24 - Thursday: OFF
  • Dec 28 - Monday: OFF
  • Dec 29 - Tuesday: 7-11 PST
  • Dec 31 - Thursday: OFF
  • Jan 4 - Monday: OFF
  • Jan 5 - Tuesday: 7-11 Pt System
  • Jan 7 - Thursday: 7-11
  • Jan 13 - Tuesday: 7-11 

Please be aware that Dec 22 Tuesday might not be a raid night depending on how many we have, some people start Holidays sooner then others. Please note if that is the case Dec 28 Monday we will be starting with Mannoroth & Archimonde first.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Dec 8th will be written in our calendars as "the day Teakin broke"

13/13 Kill video thanks Tiyan 

13/13. Grats on finishing the tier!

Emmylol Officer posted Dec 9, 15

So we got Mythic Archimonde tonight! 12/9/15 U.S. 130, congratulations on a great tier, it was lots of fun progressing with an amazing group of people.

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Hey! I'm a Diamond 1 Evelynn main! I've been Diamond 1 playing almost exclusively Evelynn since mid season 3. This season we're bringing the season 3 one-shot style AP Evelynn back! You might see me playing Blitzcrank though!