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What percentage of raids can you make?
How active are you in game? and how important is it to you to keep up with progressing your character as in something as basic as traits?
Post a link to your warcraftlogs profile (logs are not optional, if you ignore this, we will ignore your app)
Post a useful full-sized in-combat screenshot, enable the display of key bindings for the screenshot, if you have a video of you playing link either twitch VOD / YouTube as well
Tell us about your WoW raiding history. Which guilds were you in? When did you finish raiding tiers with them? Why did you leave? Did you hold any roles of responsibility? (such as raid lead, organize in or out of game? come up with any strategies that worked for your previous guilds? Made any specific Weak Auras for your team mates?
How do you keep up on theory crafting for your class? Discuss your stat priority, talent choices, and how you clear up any ambiguity in your bis list
What type of thought went into your keybindings? Do you have to click-binds, mouse-over binds, mouse-button bindings, and/or shift/alt/etc modifier macros? Do you ever use the keyboard to turn left or right, how do you strafe? Do you click any abilities? Please explain:
Why do you want to join Convergence?
Is there anyone in Convergence who can vouch for you?
Ask us anything? Any questions or concerns? (We will respond either on this forum or through BTag)
Thanks for your interest and taking the time to complete the application.

Please be patient for an officer to get back to you, all applications are private from public view.

Most officers will just add you on BattleTag if accepted.

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