This page will be used in preparation for the ToS tier. I will post on Discord and date stamp new additions as time goes on, this is just a guide line in order to have another successful tier. Please do your best to meet the following requirements and make sure you keep yourself from becoming burnt out on the game. None of these requirements require you to grind a crazy amount, a vast majority of the list is to benefit the raid itself.

  • 52 Traits before Mythic Tomb of Sargeras is opened (This might change depending on release date, but won't go higher).
  • Farm Bacon World Quests, it takes about 2 minutes to complete everyday. We need to stock up for the upcoming tier. - Send all Bacon to Gharret.
  • Pots & Flasks are on your own dime. If you can help with Cauldrons be sure to send materials to the right places - Cauldron mats go to Swang or Anosh.
  • If you haven't already received the better legendaries for your class, do your best to grind them out. From personal experience, doing Normal and Heroic content has given the best results. It'll be a lot easier once M NH 10/10 becomes a 1 day thing. The other raid days will be used for the rest of the content to keep a routine and schedule without having to play as much.
  • Also I encourage all of you to research the fights coming up as information is given out. If you go and check it out for yourself on PTR, it will help for the heroic clear the first week. Every bit helps when everyone knows what to do. Keelem will obviously give us the strat but if we all understand the mechanics it will pay off with more good progression and better results.
  • Performance will be maintained during Tomb of Sargeras and will be judged this coming tier. As said many times in raid, I don't care about your parse. I care about you doing the best damage you possibly can without dying or messing up a mechanic that could wipe the raid. Always remember to play as a team and for the team and we will improve every tier.

Raiders that are considering re-rolling

  • I expect you to be close to the progression of your main.
  • Try to pick something within your role, (rDPS = rDPS // Healer = Healer) it helps keep the balance. For any off role changes contact Kaywhy or the officers, we will have to make something work.

Raiders that want to gear up Alts

  • Mythic Nighthold Alt requirement is ilvl 900 - 40 traits.
  • May 16th is when DPS Alts may join us. We might only take 1-3 at a time for obvious reasons.
  • Loot will be provided to Alts but all WF/TF gear will continue to be for Mains in the raid.
  • Tanks & Healers, if they meet the requirements they may do their own swaps as it won't affect the raid as much except for the last 2 fights. No locked date on this, it is at your own descretion.
  • Those with double roles on Alts, such as Writhing, we will not be 3 tanking. One of the tanks will get to chill with some of the DPS and have a relaxing raid in Shal'Aran, same goes for Healers.
  • I encourage you to keep progression up on your Main characters over your Alts. The slightest chance of WF/TF pieces will help with our over all goal come ToS. If you have to swap back and forth, please do so.

Keep in mind during prep and farm towards the next tier, things get a little dull and might become frustrating due to the lack of content and progression. This usually results into lash outs and making fun of other raiders. If it's all in good fun then obviously it's no big deal, but always remind yourself that we as a team made the NH clear happen. It was not an individual or a specific role group, it was Convergence together as a team. Even those that sat during the Gul'dan kill made this happen. All in all, make sure you have fun during farm and don't take it too seriously. If you want to hate on eachother for fun, please know the boundaries of your team mates and respect their tolerance so everyone can enjoy their time during off-season.


Below are the stat weights using I'll be using this for quick stat weights during ToS loot requirements. Get in the habbit of adding your % increases in notes for RC Loot Council. It will save me a massive amount of time during ToS progression. I'll also add BiS tier peices and trinket %'s again. NH looting went extremely well and we will be doing the same type of system with the overall raid again. We managed to maintain top 50 guild ilvl all tier, it went as low as US 18th.

Name Str Int Agil Haste Mastery Versa Crit
Kaywhy 15.71 0 0 23.19 22.80 21 11.98
Outspaced 0 20.12 0 23.06 11.38 19.42 21.71
Anosh 0 15.24 0 14.46 15.2 15.83 14.64
Eolas 0 0 20.81 21.67 16.86 15.26 14.39
Faraksis 0 15.99 0 15.61 13.91 16.14 15.97
Swang 0 0 15.99 21.51 23.12 17.32 20.45
Virn 0 16.59 0 16.97 12.93 16.62 19.55
Cole 22.49 0 0 16.48 18.55 18.13 17.87
Savethedayy 0 0 15.05 15.91 10.56 15.03 18.30

ToS Tier % increases (if any updated info comes out please tell Kaywhy or Levender to change, so we don't forget)

Protector Token
Warrior Arms - 0.00% Fury - 0.00% Protection  -0.00%
Hunter Marksman - 0.00% Beastmastery - 0.00% Survival - 0.00%
Shaman Elemental - 0.00% Enhancement - 0.00% Resto - 0.00%
Monk Brew - 0.00%  Mistweaver - 0.00% Windwalker - 0.00%
Vanquisher Token
Mage Arcane - 0.00% Fire - 0.00% Frost - 0.00%
Druid Balance - 0.00% Feral - 0.00% Guardian - 0.00% Resto - 0.00%
Death Knight Blood - 0.00% Frost - 0.00% Unholy - 0.00%
Rogue Assassin - 0.00% Outlaw - 0.00% Sub - 0.00%
Conqueror Token
Paladin Holy - 0.00% Protection - 0.00% Ret - 0.00%
Priest Disc - 0.00% Holy - 0.00% Shadow - 0.00%
Warlock Aff - 0.00% Demo - 0.00% Destro - 0.00%
Demon Hunter Havoc - 0.00% Vengeance - 0.00%